Product Video Production

Demonstrate your product visually for the most effective communication possible

Product Video Production

Demonstrate your product visually for the most effective communication possible

Product video production services that help sell more, faster

Research has shown that over 60% of visitors that watch a product video are likely to make a purchase from you.

As you’ve done the difficult part of creating your product, let us do the easy part of making it shine with video. No matter what type of product — physical, service, or software — we can create an engaging and sales-evoking video that builds trust and confidence in your brand.

We’ll help plan the shoot by first taking a look at your goals, researching your end user, and writing a script that is designed to sell. If you need actors, locations, sets, props, visuals, graphics, animation, or special effects, we can help facilitate that too.

Ready to take your product videos to a whole new level?

Trusted by world-class brands

Baptist Health
Duva Sawko
EM Pros
Florida Health
Florida Health Care Plans
Halifax Health
Rue & Ziffra Law Firm
S. R. Perrott, Inc.
True Stroke Swim Paddles
Volusia County Bar Association
Wolf Children’s Hospital
  • Blue Dog Video is extremely easy to work and professional. They arrive on time, are creative, and get the work back to me in a timely manner – which is of utmost importance! Blue Dog Video also has a way of capturing our events without being overbearing.

    Eva Conners McMullin
    Eva Conners McMullin S.R. Perrot / Assistant General Manager

The Blue Dog process for the perfect product video

The perfect product video begins and ends with your buyer. Who they are, what they want, what they need, why they buy, and why they shop around. In short, understanding what information your buyers need to buy your products is an important first step to help craft the strongest message for your brand.

We focus the script on not only the product itself, but the application by the user. Once we develop these concepts, we can move on to the shot list. This visually explains the product and accompanies any graphics, voiceovers or narration that have been predetermined. The lighting, colors, and visual style highly depend on your brand, and we are experts are crafting a style for your videos that is uniquely yours. Finally, we move onto post-production elements such as music and delivery before helping you get it out to the world.


  • Determine client objectives, expectations, and target audience
  • Define dates, dependencies, and timeframes
  • Create script
  • Outline scenes, visuals, locations, cast, props and narration
  • Create production schedule


  • Assemble crew for production schedule
  • Voice-over
  • Lights, camera, action!


  • Video is assembled and edited
  • Graphics, sounds, and animation added
  • Work through rough draft, fine cut, and final cut
  • Prepare files for distribution
  • Measure success

Product videos created by Blue Dog

  • Blue Dog is certainly the most amazing video production and voiceover company on the planet, if not the immediate galaxy.

    Jim McCarty
    Jim McCarty McCarthy Media / CEO

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